Gilbert & George: THE GREAT EXHIBITION (1971-2016)

At a time of reflection on Gilbert & George’s one-of-a-kind half century of creating Art together, Luma Arles presents Gilbert & George: THE GREAT EXHIBITION (1971-2016), curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Daniel Birnbaum.

L.A. Dance Project 2018

Returning for its third year, Luma is pleased to continue its partnership with L.A. Dance Project, a Los Angeles-based artist collective founded in 2012 by choreographer and dancer Benjamin Millepied.


Luma Arles commissioned a new iteration of the site specific large scale installation entitled DO WE DREAM UNDER THE SAME SKY by conceptual artist Rirkrit Tiravanija and Frankfurt based architects Nikolaus Hirsch and Michel Müller. The project was previously presented under similar forms at the first AroS Triennial in Aarhus (Denmark) in 2017 and Art Basel in Basel (Switzerland) in 2015.

Arthur Jafa - APEX

Acclaimed filmmaker, cinematographer, and visual artist Arthur Jafa presents here his seminal video APEX (2013) for the first time in France.

Amar Kanwar - Such a Morning

Amar Kanwar is most known for his documentary films but in his latest film, which premiered in 2017 at documenta 14, he narrates a modern parable about two people’s quiet engagement with truth.

Jean Prouvé - Architect for Better Days

Comprising 12 prefabricated buildings created between 1939 and 1969, this exhibition features the largest number of Prouvé’s demountable construction systems ever assembled in a single location.

L.A. Dance Project 2017

Returning for its second year, the Luma Foundation is pleased to continue its partnership with L.A. Dance Project. This Los Angeles-based artist collective was founded in 2012 by choreographer and dancer Benjamin Millepied, along with composer Nico Muhly, art consultant Matthieu Humery, founding producer Charles Fabius, and composer Nicholas Britel. L.A. Dance Project creates new work and revives seminal historic works and collaborations.

Peter Fischli & David Weiss : Visible World

For more than three decades, Swiss artists Peter Fischli (b. 1952) and David Weiss (1946 – 2012) collaborated on a remarkable body of work that offers a deceptively casual meditation on how we perceive everyday life.

Annie Leibovitz The Early Years: 1970 - 1983. Archive Project #1

Over the past six years, the Luma Foundation has nurtured a series of ongoing collaborations with several artists, resulting in a Living Archive Program that integrates diverse forms of art, including photography, design, literature, film, and dance. The next step of this experimental and multidisciplinary program will make these resources available to the public in a manner intended by the artists.

Luma Days #1

Luma Days is a public engagement platform of Atelier Luma and the Luma Foundation that explores issues of art, design, technology, activism and ecology. Luma Days acts as a mediator between the local and the global. It enables the development of strategies and projects designed to identify and develop scenarios for city planning and civic development through collaborative processes.

Jordan Wolfson - Colored Sculpture

Based in Los Angeles and New York, Jordan Wolfson (b. 1980) is known for his thought-provoking works in a wide range of media, including video, sculpture, installation, photography, and performance.

L.A Dance Project 2016

L.A. Dance Project’s mission is to create new work and to revive ground-breaking collaborations from influential dance makers, both in the theatre and in non-traditional environments. New works by the company are multidisciplinary collaborations across artistic disciplines, and include visual artists, musicians, designers, directors and composers.

Systematically open?

Produced by the Luma Foundation, SYSTEMATICALLY OPEN? New Forms for Contemporary Image Production explores new structures for the presentation of the photographic image. An examination of the relationships between photography and its various modes of display, the exhibition draws upon avant-garde, political, and critically conscious legacies of aesthetic production, provides a new framework for experiencing the image as a reproduction, and prompts a structural rethinking of the photographic medium.

La Cuisine des Forges

La Cuisine des Forges is a dynamic culinary program dedicated to the broader issues of cultural diversity and sustainability that are central to the greater mission of the Luma Foundation. It is an expression of the conviviality and diverse cultural heritage of the Arlesian and Camargue regions.

William Kentridge - More Sweetly Play the Dance

Over the last three decades, South African artist William Kentridge (b. 1955) has achieved worldwide fame for his large, poetic, and incisive installations, which he has developed by combining different types of media: film, animation, drawing, music, and theatre.

Symposium: How Institutions Think

Contemporary art and curatorial discourse have been centrally concerned with questions of institution. In recent decades, we have seen many debates on institutional critique, new institutionalism, institution practices, and self-organization. Most often these questions of institution have been apprehended through the categories of power, hegemony, hierarchy, control, value and discipline. Often in these debates, we seem to reach an impasse in contemporary art’s dialectic of institutionalized anti-institutionalism, but nonetheless new institutions of art and enquiry are being conceived, inaugurated and contested in different ways.

Janet Cardiff - The Forty Part Motet

The audio installation The Forty Part Motet (2001) by Janet Cardiff (Canadian artist, born 1957), acclaimed by both public and critics, was presented in the building known as the Formation, at the Parc des Ateliers, Arles.

Imponderable : the Archives of Tony Oursler

Tony Oursler’s Imponderable is a two-part project: a book and a film that investigate the artist’s extraordinary collection of objects, photography and ephemera relating to the occult, séances, magic, optics, fairies, mesmerism, and many other areas of intrigue.

Liam Gillick, All-Imitate-Act

Alongside the Mécanique Générale stand enormous, hollowed out panels. If you place your head through any of them, you’re projected into Oskar Schlemmer or Kasimir Malevich’s body or even immortalised as a Bauhaus dancer or as a character from Victory Over The Sun. These panels recreate the abstract profiles of various costumes, outfits and characters created by artists in the period 1910 to 1940.

ALTERED EARTH: Arles, City of Moving Images

Doug Aitken’s ALTERED EARTH touches some of the core questions of our time in relation to art as well as to our digital age. It comprises distinct but interrelated elements, a contemporary earth-work, an installation of moving images and sound that is site-specific to the topography of the Camargue area around Arles and an iPad application that can be downloaded anywhere, allowing the artwork the potential for ubiquity.

The Flood of Rights - Symposium

People now, almost routinely, make claims for their rights through user-generated communication channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. In images, as well as words and sounds, these claims are proffered and conveyed – we could say, demonstrated – by the self-proclaimed rights bearers themselves, addressed sometimes very directly, sometimes to an undetermined public.

To the Moon via the Beach

“Announcement that work has commenced will be made by three short blasts on an air horn – drawing people to the Amphitheatre. This is an exhibition about work, production and change – ideas in constant motion. A moonscape will be created around which artists will develop new ideas. Everything will be visible – no difference between production, presentation and exchange.”

The Human Snapshot Symposium

The Human Snapshot is a conference on latter day forms of universalism as circulated and consolidated through contemporary art and photography. Organized by Thomas Keenan & Tirdad Zolghadr, in collaboration with Johanna Burton & Tom Eccles, originally based on a research project by Ariella Azoullay.

Frank Gehry: Solaris Chronicles

Over the course of six months, Solaris Chronicles examined the creative vision of Frank Gehry through a series of artistic interventions and projects that bridge art and architecture.

Wolfgang Tillmans : Neue Welt

Over 20 years Wolfgang Tillmans has tested and expanded the possibilities of photography in the most varied ways through his photographic and video works. His exhibition Neue Welt (New World) presents photographs from the artist’s new group of works of the same name, which were created in the course of numerous journeys.

The Library is on Fire

The Library is on Fire follows the adventures of a creature looking for the form of its intelligence. The Swamp Thing lies back in the diagram of Inception. Stéphane Mallarmé discovers the Multiverse. A reading controller is plugged onto the prisms of To the Lighthouse. The Nautilus enters a stream of consciousness. Limbo walks towards the book dreamed by Ludmilla. Thought operations crystallize into glyphs. A new state of library is being pursued.


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