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From Antiquity to the present day, L’Arlatan has endured through many centuries. Its rebirth this autumn heralds yet another glorious new chapter in its history.

As early as the Middle Ages L’Arlatan was recognised as being Arles’ most lavish hôtel particulier – a grand townhouse – and now, thanks to the exceptional vision of artist Jorge Pardo, it is making an outstanding début on the modern stage. A gigantic 6000 square metres of mosaic now adorns the hotel with an explosion of colour, light and contemporary design.

Phone: +33 (0)4 65 88 20 20
Email: contact@hotel-arlatan.fr
L’Arlatan, 20 rue du Sauvage, 13200 Arles

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Located on a quiet street in the historical centre of Arles, the Hôtel du Cloître is just steps away from the Roman Theatre, Amphitheatre and the main square, “Place de la République”.

Everything retains color. The old stones, like limewashed walls. The blue of the towels is the same as the blue of the wall. In the city center the air is soft and quiet. The solitary echo of a schoolyard. The bell rings. Some crows on a branch and some laughter on the terrace. A bird’s "tweet, tweet" enters the room. In the shadow of the giant Paulownia, we have an afternoon drink. On the caramel leather sofa, you can rest, seated or lying down. Stone blends with design. The room is designed, fitted, signed. India Mahdavi’s trace is everywhere through an unusual mix of contemporary and rigid furniture made of warm, ancient stone, and hints of cheer and subtle eroticism that flirts with the 70s.

Phone: +33 (0)4 88 09 10 00
Email : contact@lecloitre.com
18-22 rue du Cloître, 13200 Arles

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«  The Hotel Nord-Pinus belongs to the memory of every Arlesian… To me, when I was a child, it was the temple of the quintessential summer holiday, of high society, and of course, of bullfighting. Starting from the Place du Forum but never leaving it, it was like a voyage of discovery and adventure towards Paris, Spain, the World. Images of Lucia Bose and of Dominguin in white and gold suits spring to mind, or of Cocteau and Picasso in black capes… »
- Christian Lacroix

Phone: +33 (0)4 90 93 44 44
Email : contact@nord-pinus.com
14 place du Forum, 13200 Arles

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