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Luma focuses on its 2021 programme

In light of the Covid-19-related lockdown, of measures for a gradual resumption of activity with stringent sanitary conditions, of the restrictions imposed on international travel, hindering visits from artists and the free circulation of actors, we have had to postpone our 2020 edition.

We have decided to use this quieter period to focus first and foremost on continuing to make the park greener, and on finishing renovating the buildings, so that we are ready for re-opening in 2021, an important step both for our programme and for the city’s cultural energy.

This means that we will keep the Parc des Ateliers closed to the public; we will however make available a new, open meeting space at the entrance of the historic site, which will include the Maison du Projet. People will be able to meet there while respecting the temporary social distancing measures in place.