About Luma

The Luma Foundation was established in 2004 by Maja Hoffmann to support the activities of independent artists and pioneers, as well as institutions working in the fields of art and photography, publishing, documentary, and multimedia.

The Foundation commissions and produces artistic projects combining a particular interest in environmental issues, human rights, education, and culture in the broadest sense.

The Luma Foundation and Luma Arles, founded in 2014 in support of the Arles project, are currently developing an experimental cultural center in the Parc des Ateliers in the city of Arles, France, working with a Core Group of artistic consultants (Tom Eccles, Liam Gillick, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Philippe Parreno and Beatrix Ruf) and the architects Frank Gehry and Annabelle Selldorf.

This ambitious project envisions an interdisciplinary center dedicated to the production of exhibitions and ideas, research, education, and archives and is supported by a growing number of public and private partnerships.

Construction started after the ground-breaking ceremony in April 2014. In anticipation of the landscape work full completion, the Parc des Ateliers will continue its gradual opening in May 2020, until the whole site opening in 2021. Maja Hoffmann works closely with the Core Group and the Luma Arles team on a program of exhibitions and cross-disciplinary projects presented every year.

New Building © Hervé Hôte