Picture Industry: A Provisional History of the Technical Image, 1844–2018

Luma is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition, Picture Industry: A Provisional History of the Technical Image, 1844–2018, a major project exploring the rich history of mechanically-reproduced imagery from the nineteenth century to the present, organized by visual artist and theorist Walead Beshty. The exhibition features over three hundred artworks and objects by approximately one hundred contributors, and includes photography, time-based media, painting and drawing, video, collage, room-size installations. A substantial collection of books and magazines— culled from the artist’s extensive personal archives and various public collections and spanning a visual history of over one hundred and fifty years—weaves throughout the exhibition, reinforcing the themes of the show.
The project is further supported by a parallel rotating program of screenings of film-and video-based artworks.

The exhibition is accompanied by an exclusive audio guide developed by ARTimbarc and Luma, in close collaboration with the curator Walead Beshty. Scan the QR code or visit this link for the free audio guide.

Discover the exhibition catalogue (available early October 2018)

Guided tour of the exhibition

As part of the exhibition, a programme of historic films, documentaries and arthouse videos is presented every day at the Formation building.