Luma Days #2
Hospitality : Searching for Common Ground

Luma Days, our annual forum and open-house, generates an immersive environment to seed the development of strategies and projects designed to tackle issues that define the future.
The discussions are drawn from themes that are central to our research; Waste, Food, Education, Mobility, Production and Hospitality, with special consideration for the environment, public / private cooperation, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and the future of work.

Luma Days offers a week-long program of lectures, inspiring keynotes, workshops, film screenings, library, and exhibitions but also moments of interactions and dialogues.

Why the topic of Hospitality today?
Philosopher Jacques Derrida said that “hospitality is not only a cultural practice; it is culture itself.” While hospitality is a fundamental cultural value, the sense of the word seems to have lost of its meaning lately. This topic is at the centre of our conversations throughout the week of Luma Days #2.

The first edition of the Luma Days took place in May 2017 and brought together local and international experts and influencers to work with different formats and deliverables. The stage was set to explore Scenarios for a City in a Bioregion. Luma Days #1 featured 50 fellows from Ideas City Arles in collaboration with the New Museum of New York and different brilliant local and international actors.

Videos: Luma Days #2

The next edition of the Luma Days will take place on 22-25 May 2019.
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