Luma Days #1

Luma Days is a public engagement platform of Atelier Luma and the Luma Foundation that explores issues of art, design, technology, activism and ecology. Luma Days acts as a mediator between the local and the global. It enables the development of strategies and projects designed to identify and develop scenarios for city planning and civic development through collaborative processes.

Developed in concert with a series of international and local partners working in the fields of design, planning, commerce, contemporary art, cultural heritage, and information science, the first edition of Luma Days — entitled Scenarios for a City in a Bioregion — explores the current and future possibilities of the city of Arles and its regional context.
Bringing together international and local experts and influencers, the week-long workshops of Luma Days are organized into five future city scenarios for the region:
- City of Culture & Agriculture;
- City as Campus;
- 21st Century Factory Town;
- UNESCO City 3.0;
- The Global Village.

Envisioned as both a conversational summit and immersive environment, Luma Days is organized by the Luma Foundation in cooperation with
- IdeasCity Arles, a project of the New Museum, New York;
- Atelier Luma, an experimental incubator and design research lab based at the Parc des Ateliers;
- SIPPA, the Arles-based International Trade Fair for Professionals in the Heritage Field;
- Scenario 100, a scenario-planning agency created by the Luma Foundation.

By inviting several hundred innovative thinkers and leaders to Arles, these partners will seed the development of strategies and projects that are designed to tackle issues specific to the region. Particular focus will be given to the ways that environmentally-minded projects, public/private cooperation, and sustainability values, can address the themes of waste, food, education, mobility, production and hospitality.

The next edition of the Luma Days will take place on 22-25 May 2019.
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