The Library is on Fire

The Library is on Fire follows the adventures of a creature looking for the form of its intelligence. The Swamp Thing lies back in the diagram of Inception. Stéphane Mallarmé discovers the Multiverse. A reading controller is plugged onto the prisms of To the Lighthouse. The Nautilus enters a stream of consciousness. Limbo walks towards the book dreamed by Ludmilla. Thought operations crystallize into glyphs. A new state of library is being pursued.

Conceived by Charles Arsène-Henry

1(a) A Creature, 2012, AA, London / Hotel Le Cloître, Arles With Shumon Basar

1(b) Haunted Glyphs, 2013, Le Collateral, Arles With Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
Featuring Le Rayon Noir by Tristan Bera
Searchers — Alvaro Pulpeiro Fernandez, Cédric Moullier,
Christopher Johnson, Elliot Rogosin

Haunting Glyphs, 2014, Protocinema, Istanbul
With Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster

1(x) Phenophor Metamenon, 2014, Le Magasin, Grenoble
In From 199c to 199d by Liam Gillick

1(d) Augmented Readings, 2014, Hotel Le Cloître, Arles
Searchers — Buster Rönnngren, Cédric Moullier, Filiz Avunduk, Jacek Rewinski, Jane Wong, Tristan Bera

1(md2s) Transparent Searchers, 2015, London
With Anton Gorlenko, Buster Rönngren, Cédric Moullier,
Christopher Johnson, Jacek Rewinski, Jane Wong

1(Δ) Prismatic Domains, 2016, La Mécanique Générale, Luma Arles, Parc des Ateliers, Arles
With Poste 9
Searchers – Buster Rönngren, Cédric Moullier, Christopher Johnson, Hunter Doyle, Jacek Rewinski, Jane Wong, Moad Mosbahi, Rory Sherlock