L.A. Dance Project 2018

Returning for its third year, Luma is pleased to continue its partnership with L.A. Dance Project, a Los Angeles-based artist collective founded in 2012 by choreographer and dancer Benjamin Millepied.

L.A. Dance Project’s summer program includes new works by Benjamin Millepied and guest choreographers, performed for the first time outdoors, in the open-air courtyard of Les Forges at the Parc des Ateliers. Members of the public are also invited to attend the company’s weekly dance rehearsals.

This year, the performers will be in residence for the first time at La Formation (Parc des Ateliers), the third building recently renovated by Selldorf Architects. La Formation is conceived as an artists’ residence, rehearsal and performance space of 14,680 square feet (1,364 m²).

Videos : L.A.D.P at Luma Arles