La Cuisine des Forges

La Cuisine des Forges is a dynamic culinary program dedicated to the broader issues of cultural diversity and sustainability that are central to the greater mission of the Luma Foundation. It is an expression of the conviviality and diverse cultural heritage of the Arlesian and Camargue regions.
La Cuisine des Forges is directly inspired by its southern Mediterranean surroundings, and is motivated by the belief that cooking is a universal way of sharing and promoting interpersonal and cross-cultural exchange.

La Cuisine des Forges is produced by Luma Arles with the support and consultation of:
- Armand Arnal (head chef of the Michelin star restaurant La Chassagnette);
- Kamal Mouzawak, a Lebanese social innovator who created Souk el-Tayeb, a farmers’ market in Beirut;
- Afrique en vie, an Arles-based culinary project dedicated to promoting sustainable development in Senegal, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, and Comoros.