The Luma Foundation was established in 2004 to support the activities of independent artists and pioneers, as well as institutions working in the fields of art and photography, publishing, documentary and multimedia.



Luma is pleased to announce the commission of a new iteration of the site specific large scale installation entitled DO WE DREAMUNDER THE SAME SKY by conceptual artist Rirkrit Tiravanija and Frankfurt based architects Nikolaus Hirsch and Michel Müller on view this spring and summer at the Parc des Ateliers, Arles. The project was previously presented under similar forms at the first AroS Triennial in Aarhus (Denmark) in 2017 and Art Basel in Basel (Switzerland) in 2015. The installation conceived as an outdoor shelter made of modular bamboo and steel is an extension of the project The Land, a model of sustainable development initiated in 1998 by Tiravanija and Kamin Lertchaiprasert near Chiang Mai, Thailand. The work in Arles will be comprised of an open-air kitchen, a herbal garden and a communal dining area where visitors can eat, drink and relax in a convivial atmosphere, while engaging in discussions and investigations about practices of sustainability, the geopolitics of food, and building technologies in the era of the Anthropocene.

Gilbert & George:

At a time of reflection on Gilbert & George’s one-of-a-kind half century of creating Art together, Luma presents The Great Exhibition curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Daniel Birnbaum that seeks to capture and revel in Gilbert & George’s unique universe. Featuring a selection of historical pictures deemed by the artists themselves as the most representative of their art and life together.
The show will travel to Moderna Museet (Stockholm, Sweden), the Astrup Fearnley Museum (Oslo, Norway), the Reykjavik Art Museum (Reykjavik, Iceland).
Gilbert & George: The Great Exhibition (1971-2016) is produced by Luma and Moderna Museet. The exhibition is supported by Parfums Christian Dior.

Pipilotti Rist - Pixel Forest

Pixel Forest by Pipilotti Rist is one of the most recent works by the Zurich-based artist, presented here for the first time in France. The installation comprised of 3,000 LED lights, resembles a movie screen that has exploded into the space, immersing the viewer in a room-size 3-dimensional video. When walking into this forest of lights, the walls around seem to disappear. Video is used as a source of enlightening radiance that melts tenderly with the surroundings and blurs the lines between object, environment, image, and light.

Arthur Jafa - APEX

Following last year’s Love Is the Message, The Message is Love, acclaimed filmmaker, cinematographer, and visual artist Arthur Jafa presents here his seminal video APEX (2013) for the first time in France. The striking music-driven 8-minute video work proposes a vibrant scenario in which the histories drawn from the African American narrative of Blackness bear universal significance.

Amar Kanwar - Such a Morning

Amar Kanwar is most known for his documentary films but in his latest film, which premiered last year at documenta 14, he narrates a modern parable about two people’s quiet engagement with truth. In Such a Morning, a renowned mathematics professor retires, cutting his prestigious career short rather unexpectedly, and retreats to the wilderness to live in an abandoned train carriage. Thus, starts an epic journey into a new plane of emotional resonance between environment and the senses.

Lily Gavin : A Story with Vincent

Following her graduation from Bard College, Gavin found herself taking photographs at the Saint Rémy Asylum on the invitation of filmmaker Julian Schnabel who invited her to be the on-set stills and behind -the -scenes photographer for his new film At Eternity’s Gate about Van Gogh’s life in Arles. She documented the recreated world of Van Gogh every day for 8 weeks, shooting entirely in 35 mm and 120 mm film. While growing up in a digital world, Gavin’s inclination tow ard analogue photography started at a very young age. The series of photographs taken during the film shoot of At Eternity’s Gate, is a result of Gavin’s communion with Schnabel’s vision of Van Gogh’s world.

Guest Program

Dior, The Art of Color

This exhibition presents the work of the winning artist of the 2018 Dior Photography Award for Young Talents, the Laureates, as well as those with special Jury Mentions. The work of these young artists from eight international photography schools was awarded by an exceptional Jury presided over by the distinguished photographer Peter Lindbergh and composed of Maja Hoffmann, President and founder of Luma Arles, Simon Baker, Director of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie and Claude Martinez, Chairman and CEO of Christian Dior Parfums.

Les Rencontres d'Arles

Every summer for almost 5 years now, Luma has invited the International Photography Festival LesRencontres d’Arles to join the programme presented at the Parc des Ateliers. Luma Arles is pleased to have contributed to the definition of the Prix Découverte which it supported from 2002 to 2016. And from now on, it is continuing its support of the Rencontres d’Arles through the Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award, inaugurated in 2015. The Train, RFK’s Last Journey Paul Fusco, Rein Jelle Terpstra & Philippe Parreno On 8 June 1968, three days after the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, his body was carried by a funeral train from New York City to Washington D.C. The Train looks at this historical event through three distinct works. The first is a group of color photographs by commissioned photographer Paul Fusco. Taken from the funeral train, the images capture mourners who lined the railway tracks to pay their final respects. Looking from the opposite perspective, the second work features photographs and home movies by the spectators themselves, collected by Dutch artist Rein Jelle Terpstra in his project The People’s View (2014-18). The third, a work titled 8 June 1968 by French artist Philippe Parreno, is a 70mm film reenactment of the funeral train’s journey, which in Parreno’s words, “shows the point of view of the dead.” Bringing historical and contemporary works together in dialogue, this powerful, multidisciplinary exhibition sheds new light on a key moment in American culture and memory. Ann Ray The Unfinished — Lee Mcqueen Ann Ray met Lee McQueen in 1996, when he had just been made the artistic director of Givenchy. An immediate friendship was formed; over 13 years, until his death in 2010, Lee McQueen let Ann Ray photograph everything: preparations, runway shows, intimate moments. From this confidential relationship emerged 35,000 analog photographs. The exhibition The Unfinished — Lee McQueen immerses us in the world of a man who was long considered fashion’s enfant terrible, but who was above all a visionary poet and a talented creator of images.

Expositions de l’Association du Méjan

The Méjan Association and the Éditions Actes Sud publishers are offering three exhibitions at the Magasin Électrique: Prune Nourry « Destruction is not the end » in which the artist will present a series of photographs along with her Buddha; 100 Portraits, taken from the Antoine de Galbert Collection, including about 80 photographs but also some drawings, paintings, sculptures or videos ; Frédéric Delangle & Ambroise Tézenas « Sneakers like Jay-Z, Portraits and Words of Exiles ». 100 Portraits - The Antoine de Galbert Collection Founder of Paris’ La maison rouge, Antoine de Galbert has been collecting art for almost thirty years. Although he does not consider himself a “collector of photography”, he has nonetheless acquired a substantial number of prints over time. Mostly photography, with occasional sketches, paintings, sculptures or video, this exhibit presents a selection of over a hundred portraits from his collection. Prune Nourry – Destruction is not the end Artist Prune Nourry presents photographs, sculptures and the monumental Buddha she created last year for the Musée national des arts asiatiques in Paris. Her photographs are travel narratives: unusual encounters between her sculptures—hybrid creatures—and passersby in the street, the printed trace of the art project she carried out in India and China based on the theme of selecting a child’s sex. But in addition to documenting the work, these carved images, as she calls them, capture and shed light on the creative process. They are works in their own right, allowing materials from soil to milk appear. Now it is Nourry’s giant Buddha’s turn to tread new ground. Frédéric Delangle & Ambroise Tézenas - Sneakers like Jay-Z, Portraits and Words of Exiles Zaman, a young Afghan in shorts and flip-flops, arrived at the Porte de la Chapelle Emmaüs Solidarité center in Paris one winter night after walking from Kabul for 16 months. He asked if we happened to have a pair of used sneakers in the pile like Jay-Z’s, that “aren’t ugly”. That is how the project started.Shortly afterwards, seven of us—two photographers, a videographer and four Emmaüs Solidarité volunteers—met to find out more about the role of the second-hand clothes they wear, what they mean to them and what they denounce, betray and protect them from (not just cold and rain). Each chose an outfit from the clothes in the dressing room and took the time to tell us why: why those shoes, those pants, that jacket? Then, they posed.


Picture Industry: A Provisional History of the Technical Image, 1844–2018

Luma is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition, Picture Industry: A Provisional History of the Technical Image, 1844–2018, a major project exploring the rich history of mechanically-reproduced imagery from the nineteenth century to the present, organized by visual artist and theorist Walead Beshty. The exhibition features over three hundred artworks and objects by approximately one hundred contributors, and includes photography, time-based media, painting and drawing, video, collage, room-size installations. A substantial collection of books and magazines— culled from the artist’s extensive personal archives and various public collections and spanning a visual history of over one hundred and fifty years—weaves throughout the exhibition, reinforcing the themes of the show. The project is further supported by a parallel rotating program of screenings of film-and video-based artworks.

Offprint Paris

Offprint is an itinerant project to support independent, experimental publishers working in the fields of contemporary art, photography, graphic design, architecture, humanities and visual culture.

Produced by Luma since 2015, it is held periodically in London, Paris, Milan, and Arles, France. This year, the 9th edition of Offprint Paris Art book fair will present an exceptional selection of 130 avant-garde international publishers.

The list of participating publishers and the practical information will soon be announced later on this page.

To apply, please contact us at